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Upon successful login, you will see the Launcher Screen.  If you close this screen, the program will exit.  The modules that are available to your camp are on this screen.

Core: The core module is where you set up the various modules of your camp as well as handle your campers and their registrations.

Camp Store: this is where you sell the products in your store, either to the public or to your registered campers

Health: The health module is for your medical professionals.  Distribute Medications, See camper’s medical information, create medical care reports.

Conference: Schedule group events, rent equipment, schedule programs for those events and rent lodging to the groups.

Food: The food module allows you to create recipes, enter ingredients and develop menus for both regular camp and groups.

User Profile: This is where the logged in user changes their personal information, including password and log in PIN.

Log Out: return to the log in screen.

Authentication / Log In

In order to access the system, you need to log into it with either a username and password combination, or a pin that you have chosen.

Authenticate by User:

Select your name from the drop down username box.  Then enter your password and click on Authenticate.

Authenticate by Pin:

The login screen automatically defaults to the pin box.  Enter the numeric pin you have previously selected in this box and hit the “enter” key on your keyboard.

Both authenticate methods, if successful, will take you to the Launcher.

The “Ribbon”

Each module has a main page that opens up.  At the top is our menu, also known as a “ribbon.”  Menu Tabs divide the button icons up by function.  In each tab is the buttons that open up the appropriate page.  The top also has quick launch buttons, allowing you to click on them to go directly to that page.

If you have used any microsoft office products, the ribbon acts and functions exactly the same as in those products.

Record Navigation

Some screens allow you to enter information into boxes.  Below these boxes is a record navigation bar.  It allows you to move through the records, add new records, delete the record in the fields and save the records.

Information Grids

Grids in Silver Camp Systems all have similar use.  The grids are designed to allow you to alter the information in an excel-like manner and save it all with one button click.

Command Buttons: There are many command buttons that you might find including Save, Delete, Hide, Refresh, Print, Export to Excel etc.  Save buttons are for the whole grid.  The other buttons are for an individually selected record.

Selecting a record.  On the left hand side of the grid is a smaller grey box.  When you click it it will become a grey box with a triangle in it, meaning that row is selected.

Filters: Some grids will allow you to filter based on select columns.  Type in the information you are searching for to filter the grid to just that.  For example, if you want to find all campers with the last name of “Smith”, type that into the last name column filter area.

Grouping:  Some grids will allow you to group information together.  In the example on the left, campers are grouped by active and inactive accounts.  Hitting the + or – keys will show or hide the grouped information.  On these grids you can also add columns to be grouped by dragging the column header up to the group area at the top.

Sorting: you can click on a column to sort Ascending or Descending on that column.

Add: Some grids will allow you to add information directly to the grid.  The row is denoted with a *.  Just start typing in that row and click on the save button at the end to save the information.

Welcome to Silver Camp Systems

Thank you for your interest and/or purchase of our software.  There are 4 distinct portions to this software package: The Desktop software, the Online Office, the Parent Portal and Reports.  Each has different functions and is for different uses.  Here, we will explain why we chose to do things this way, and what advantages it has to our customers.

Desktop Software

The Desktop Software has everything in it.  It is your go-to portion to access everything within the software.  The are very few offerings on the market that include a full camp-management solution, complete with Health Care and Conferences, along with a completely integrated Camp Store.  This is because running a camp store that is integrated with your camper accounts is costly to produce and is very data-intensive.  While it can be done, putting everything online requires a hefty internet connection.  While download speed isn’t so much an issue, upload speed is, and most internet connections are severely lacking in this area.  By running the software on the desktop, we allow your computer to do most of the heavy lifting, and reduce the amount of data needing to go over an internet connection.  While the data is still stored in the cloud, all of the functions, adding, subtracting and changing occur locally.

An example of this is the store.  When you go to do a camper sale, we need to download all the camper data, their store account transactions, how much money is available in the account, all the products in your store, all the costs associated with the products, etc.  After that, the computer takes over.  When you scan an item, the computer uses it’s in-memory data to add the item, do the subtraction to the proper tables, reduce the camper’s account balance and create the pending transactions.  When you save the sale, that data is then transmitted back to the database server in the cloud.  If this were a fully online system, every item added would require upload to the web server which would perform those functions with all the data, then download them back to your computer – for every single item.  When you saved the sale, it would then upload everything to the web server, which would save it to the database server, then download the results back to you.  This dramatically increases the need for bandwidth – which is costly to any business.  Desktop software helps to keep both of our costs under control.

Online Office

The online office has everything you need to manage your campers, create health care reports, perform quick sales and look at your day’s conference schedule.  It is online through any browser, and is a fully responsive design – meaning you can use it on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer as long as you have an internet connection.  The online office allows you to view and change your camper’s information, add store balances, view and change their transactions, register them for a camp session, and take a payment.  It also allows your health care professional to view a camper’s medical history, meds, allergies, doctors and contacts, as well as generate new care reports for them.  After selecting the camper to work with, the online office also has a section to complete quick sales.  These are sales of certain products you have that are sold in large, individual sale quantities.  For example, if you allow your campers to get ice cream after lunch with their store account, instead of going through a sale process, you can select the camper, select the ice cream and click Finish.  This will sell one ice cream to that camper quickly, allowing you to serve a long line of campers with minimal effort.  Finally, the online office allows you to view your Conference clients, their email and phone number, along with the calendar, lodging, equipment rented and programs scheduled for that day.

Parent Portal

This is where most of the heavy lifting is done with registration and health care.  The parent portal allows parents to add their camper’s information, fill out their health care forms that will be used by the medical professionals and register for camp.  It also allows them to see when their campers visit the health center and view what their campers have purchased at the store.  Once a parent has completed the parent portal, your staff only needs to ensure accuracy and assist with changes. Because all the health forms are online, there are no faxes, no phone calls and no paperwork to deal with before the camper arrives at camp cutting the amount of time your staff needs to spend on registration.


Instead of building reports into the desktop software, we utilize an online report server.  This allows you to view your reports at any time.  The report server also comes with the ability to build basic reports right online, or download a report builder program that will let you create fully customized page-view reports.