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Information Grids

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Grids in Silver Camp Systems all have similar use.  The grids are designed to allow you to alter the information in an excel-like manner and save it all with one button click.

Command Buttons: There are many command buttons that you might find including Save, Delete, Hide, Refresh, Print, Export to Excel etc.  Save buttons are for the whole grid.  The other buttons are for an individually selected record.

Selecting a record.  On the left hand side of the grid is a smaller grey box.  When you click it it will become a grey box with a triangle in it, meaning that row is selected.

Filters: Some grids will allow you to filter based on select columns.  Type in the information you are searching for to filter the grid to just that.  For example, if you want to find all campers with the last name of “Smith”, type that into the last name column filter area.

Grouping:  Some grids will allow you to group information together.  In the example on the left, campers are grouped by active and inactive accounts.  Hitting the + or – keys will show or hide the grouped information.  On these grids you can also add columns to be grouped by dragging the column header up to the group area at the top.

Sorting: you can click on a column to sort Ascending or Descending on that column.

Add: Some grids will allow you to add information directly to the grid.  The row is denoted with a *.  Just start typing in that row and click on the save button at the end to save the information.

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