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Upon successful login, you will see the Launcher Screen.  If you close this screen, the program will exit.  The modules that are available to your camp are on this screen.

Core: The core module is where you set up the various modules of your camp as well as handle your campers and their registrations.

Camp Store: this is where you sell the products in your store, either to the public or to your registered campers

Health: The health module is for your medical professionals.  Distribute Medications, See camper’s medical information, create medical care reports.

Conference: Schedule group events, rent equipment, schedule programs for those events and rent lodging to the groups.

Food: The food module allows you to create recipes, enter ingredients and develop menus for both regular camp and groups.

User Profile: This is where the logged in user changes their personal information, including password and log in PIN.

Log Out: return to the log in screen.

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