Camp software is a big investment.  We want to make sure our system is a great fit for you before you buy, so our software can be downloaded free of charge for a 31-day trial.  During the trial, all areas of the software are unlocked, and your data is yours to use and keep if you decide to purchase.


No system is complete without a parent portal!  Give parents the power to fill out digital health forms, register for sessions, add store funds and pay online – all while giving your staff a much needed break from answering the phones to do it manually.

Give your kitchen manager the tools they need to put out great quality food and under budget.  The food module has ingredient ordering, creates recipes for the staff to follow, and allows managers to plan meals for camp and groups.

The Conference module helps you keep track of your off-season groups: their lodging needs, equipment rental, program offerings with a complete easy to use schedule.

Your camper’s health is our priority!  Our health center tracks medications, health forms and most importantly, is a medical-records system for every interaction with the health professional at camp.

The camp store is a one-stop Point of Sale.  We make it easy to sell to the public, sell to  your groups and most importantly, we integrate your camper’s accounts (and money their parents send) into a prepaid shopping experience for your campers.

Track all of your campers.  From their demographics to their registrations and store purchases, all in one easy to use location.

Version RC.2018.1.1 is now live! This update provides several UI enhancements to the parent portal and online office, as well as adding some new features to the Desktop Version which include a new inventory count and adjustment assistant and a customer field in the store so that you can run a “tab” for groups while they are at your facility!

We’ve added a “Nick Name” field to the system to help Camps distinguish between campers with the same name, and to allow the parents to let the counselors/cabin leaders know what their child prefers to be called. We’ve also added some UI enhancements in the parent portal. The processing spinner (which shows during data transactions) will now show in the middle of the page so that parents know something is happening behind the scenes.

We’ve taken a unique approach to building Residential and Day Camp Management Software. Working with employees at camps to determine what best suits their needs, we designed and built multiple integrated modules that are responsive in design and efficient on low-bandwidth internet connections.