Camp software is a big investment.  We want to make sure our system is a great fit for you before you buy, so our software can be downloaded free of charge for a 31-day trial.  During the trial, all areas of the software are unlocked, and your data is yours to use and keep if you decide to purchase.


We’ve taken a unique approach to building Residential and Day Camp Management Software. Working with employees at camps to determine what best suits their needs, we designed and built multiple integrated modules that are responsive in design and efficient on low-bandwidth internet connections.

We know running a residential camp is expensive, so we’ve made a system that is automated in many ways – allowing you to do more with less. From making it easy for parents to handle their own registrations, emailing parents to remind them to fill in their Camper’s health forms to giving you reports that allow you to properly plan and budget, Silver Camp is the affordable solution that helps you run on a tight budget.

Life is all about Balance. Our systems strike a perfect balance between easy input and retrieval, and powerful capabilities to ensure your camp is operating smoothly and efficiently.