Here at SCS Solutions, our founders have experience as Campers, Camp Counselors and Camp Volunteers. We’ve been around camp for generations, and we are blessed that our children attend the same summer camp that we grew up loving. Our company started as an IT company, with IT technicians helping businesses in our area with co-location and server-based systems. Our CEO and Chief Developer is also a Paramedic, and in combination with our experience and his love for the medical side of helping others, we started this adventure to give our camp the software that provides for excellent Camper Management and allows camps to record their health interactions. But, we must admit we are also founded on a history of building something better, so based on the needs we saw, the software also includes many inter-connected modules, including a one-of-a-kind fully integrated Camp Store Point-of-Sale.

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The software is unique hybrid Desktop / Online system. After analyzing and speaking to quite a few Camps, we realized that budget constraints sometimes limit the speed of the internet connections that camps use. While some online systems can be quick to use, there are limitations to achieve this. Having committed to building an system that including a Camp Store that was uniquely integrated with Camper pre-paid store accounts, we determined that an all-online approach was bound to fail. There is simply too much data to send back and forth and a camp’s bandwidth had to support this in situations where it probably could not. The Hybrid was born.

Our Desktop software is an all-encompassing software package that includes full, powerful features for managing nearly every aspect of a camp. Installed on each individual computer in the offices and point-of-sale computers onsite, it performs the lion share of the work. With an onsite database, internet connection is optional. The parent portal bundles a cloud based database, that is easily synced to the onsite database utilizing a single button utility when an internet connection is available. Utilizing the internet only to send saved data to a cloud-based database located on Microsoft’s powerful and redundant Azure Network, we were able to achieve a very fast response to user input while still preserving off-site data for backup, storage and use by hundreds of simultaneous users.

We have a Parent Portal that we’ve intentionally slimmed down to be fast and extremely efficient for your parents to use. It’s designed to be easy to use on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. In the span of 5 minutes, a parent can register their campers for camp, make payments and complete all required health forms. The parent portal also includes a one-of-a-kind look at their camper’s store purchases and health center visits, reducing phone calls to camp to wonder what is going on.

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Give us a call, send us an email or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the home page so that we can show you the power of our system. We offer a fully functional, customized trial for any camp that would like to see what stands us apart from other options on the market.