One of our firm beliefs is openness and transparency in our system and in our pricing. The below prices are how much our system costs. There aren’t any fancy pricing algorithms, no per-rate, per-use pricing, what you see if what you get.

Silver Camp Desktop

The desktop system is a one-time purchase, and it’s license is good for as long as the client owns the camp. While the data is transferable at any time … the data is owned by the camp … the software license is not transferable to any other entities to which the client may be bought out by or transferred to.

Core Services (required): Registration and Setup Modules. $6,000.00
Store: $2,000.00
Health Center: $1,000.00
Conference Center: $500.00
Food Service: $500.00

Complete System Cost: $10,000.00

We’ve made sure our prices are competitive. Most of our competitors have an average annual cost of $5,000.00 with a minimum 2 year contract. However, for camps that intend to use the software for longer than 2 years, your yearly cost of ownership goes down significantly each year after the first 2 years because the purchase is a 1 time expense.

Silver Camp Parent Portal

The parent portal is maintained by SCS Solutions Inc in the cloud. Camps purchase this module through our recurring yearly fee of $900.00 and may cancel at any time. The parent portal is not required for full functionality of desktop system. This recurring cost covers the cloud database, the website and nightly backups of the data. Everything handled through the parent portal is brought into the Desktop via a simple sync button in the camper module.