Silver Camp Trial

Ready to give us a try?  Use this trial software to "purchase" our free trial kit that includes all the necessary software and instructions you need to get started.

Price: $0.00

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Core System

The core system includes registration and setup.  This is the heart of the software is required to be purchased either before or with other modules.

Price: $6,000.00

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Camp Store

Let's get to selling... You can purchase a point of sale anywhere, but ours is unique: We've integrated your campers, their registrations and pre-paid funds into a quick check out product.  This module does public sales AND keeps a "tab" on group sales as well.  Take control by tracking inventory, purchasing and receivables, see what margins you are getting on your sales and run reports as often as you want.

Price: $2,000.00

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Health Center

The Health Center is your path to ensuring your camper's health AND giving camp administration a heads up on injuries and illnesses.  When combined with the parent portal, camper's health forms are immediately available to medical personnel, daily medication distribution is quickly and easily recorded and interactions with camper's is documented as a legal medical record, compliant with both Illinois's requirements and authorized for use in Wisconsin (instead of their required paper-bound books.)

Price: $1,000.00

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Conference Center

Do you augment your annual revenue by hosting retreats, conferences and group camping activities?  You'll want this then.  Schedule events - complete with lodging, equipment, programs and meals - and let our software do a lion share of the cost analysis for you!  We bundle this with an outlook style calendar so you can get an easy to use look at what you have coming up on the schedule.

Price: $500.00

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Food Service

Add ingredients to begin your recipes and meals.  This module helps your kitchen manager plan and budget, ensuring accuracy when ordering and when preparing meals for all your guests and campers.

Price: $500.00

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Parent Portal

Parents like to be involved, but they don't like forms to take a long time.  Our parent portal has been meticulously crafted to be easy and efficient to use, while reducing the work load on your staff.  Parents can alter and add their campers, complete their health forms, register (or place on a waiting list) campers and make credit card payments to their account.  They can also come back during the session to see what their child has purchased or what they've seen the camp medical staff for.  It's a quick an easy way to keep your parents in the loop.  A quick sync on the desktop and all the information is available for camp staff to use instantly.

Due to it's cloud based design, the parent portal is a yearly maintenance fee.  We maintain everything - the cloud data and website, letting you do what you do best.

Price: $900.00

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